Meet the Team

     Hello, and welcome to our about page. My name is Michael and the lovely lady next to me is my wife Joanna. Most know her by the name Jae. Together we see the daily operations of Bread Crumbs Catering. It is my hope we can get more acquainted with one other in the near future. With so many ways we can work together. I’m excited to see how we can help you with your needs. Whether it’s a small meeting or massive event it is our aim to create a stress free environment for you. Thank you for your time and let this not be a goodbye but a see ya soon.

Michael Villanueva                                                                                    President

Thoughts become dreams.

     Our journey starts in 1997 with a simple yet unique concept. Spread the love of exceptional food with extraordinary service. With a humble bakery deli in Eagle Rock, Laura was eager to challenge her love for the kitchen. Although it was challenging the first three years, her true calling was answered with corporate catering, event planning, and service staff. These are some of the few attributes Bread Crumbs Catering adapted to a growing Los Angeles area.  Even though the bakery deli is no longer with us, Bread Crumbs Catering will always carry on the torch of fresh in house bread, sliced daily cold cuts, and crisp lettuce. It has been 23 years since we opened our doors and we are proud to serve the greater Los Angeles area.